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Naked soaps are know for been simple, gentle and made only with natural ingredients. This vegan soap is good for every skin type but specially for sensitive skin. Is unscented and has a combination of botanical oils and butters with colloidal oats for a smooth and gentle cleansing effect.

Our soap bars are made in small batches. That means that we put all our attention to details, especially ingredients. You are going to pamper your skin with an eco-friendly gentle bar of soap leaving it feeling smooth and clean.

Pakaná soaps are handmade and hand cut. Pictures are only for reference and bars may vary in color, design and aroma.  Every bar is unique and is approx. 4.5 oz (never less than that). For external use only. If irritation occurs please discontinue use.

Botanical olive oil infused with calendula petals, coconut oil, shea butter castor oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water and colloidal oats. Fragrance free.

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