What is the meaning of Pakaná?

What is the meaning of Pakaná?

Maybe your wondering what is the meaning of our brand name, some people tell me that sounds exotic or indigenous but it has a personal meaning for me.

When I started this project in 2014 I was looking for a name that stands out from others and with a meaning.  I was trying to prove myself that I was capable of follow a dream by doing something that I really love and make a living of it.

Been woman means sometimes (unfortunately) that people don't believe that you're capable of running a business by your own while having a family or because you reach certain age. Also most of the time people close to you are the first ones to say "it's not worth it" or "you can't do that", "it's better for you to find a real job", "your living a fantasy", etc. Well, the reality is that entrepreneurship is hard, no doubt, but is also a way to prove to the world that you can do whatever you want. So I decided to be an example for the little girls that were growing on my family by that time, my daughter Paola and my nieces Kamila, Nayeli and Priscila and later our little one Valentina. I want them to know that they always will be capable to reach any dream doing what they love and want to do no matter what people says. I decided then that the best way to show that was by combining some of their names, Pa (Paola), Ka (Kamila), Na (Nayeli) and letting them know that this project was made thinking of their future, dreams and plans. 

As women we're facing a time of so many achievements but we still struggling with gender discrimination and inequality. Also we are seeing a lot of violence and injustice. We need to reinforce in our girls that they are worth it, that they are capable and they can reach whatever dream or goal they have. We need to love and encourage them.

I was blessed with a family and friends that believe in me, that encouraged me to follow this dream and I'm so grateful for that. 

I hope now that every time you read Pakaná you think about every girl and woman in this planet dreaming big and working hard to reach their goals.  

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